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Iconic, a Retex platform

The successful retailer is the one able to offer its customers an optimized experience regardless of touchpoints and purchase path.

Technology is the key driver.

Without the availability of advanced in-store technologies, of data collection and analysis platforms, or the possibility to seamlessly integrate channels and devices into a single omnichannel experience, the idea of a fluid, easy and enjoyable purchase path would be little more than wishful thinking.

Today, shoppers expect to buy online and collect in-store, they want to receive personalized offers via app while in the store, they want to enjoy immersive experiences with an augmented reality viewer, they want to order at the table and pay with their smartphone, buy from home on a social channel without queuing at the take-away, take advantage of a delivery service.

In the omnichannel age, Retex Iconic supports retailers in an evolutionary path aimed at responding to new purchasing behaviours, engaging and retaining customers by offering products and solutions dedicated to the retail world. Whether it is business intelligence, innovative payment systems, artificial intelligence, self equipment, interactive kiosks, mobile POS and much more, Retex offers its customers a combination of know-how, solutions and experience to meet the challenges of the market head-on.