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Retex is a tech company that leads the innovation in the retail world in order to create an interconnected shopping experience

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"Uncertainty and continual change make for the perfect conditions to encourage Retail to discover its own opportunities and seek innovation. That's our job."

Fausto Caprini

The rise of new behavioral models, influenced by the increase in the complexity of shopping processes, the quantity of available information and the digital technologies, transform retail into an entirely new playground, where shopping preferences don’t consolidate just at the checkout, but in all moments of the customer journey, making the normal formats, that are continuously redefined, outdated. We are this.

We allow changes, innovate processes, break down cultural barriers before the technological ones. Knowing the retail business means understanding the cognitive processes at the basis of buying behavior, knowing how to read social and market changes, placing them in relation with ideas, paths and technologies able to offer value to customers and users.

Building the future of retail is the goal that constantly lead our actions. Integration of technological solutions, knowledge of the business and creativity are a key success factor in the retail market, more and more focused on experiences that go beyond the boundaries of channels and achieve their potential thanks to the support of cross-cutting skills between systems integration, user experience, and contents.

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