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We focus on retail and have always dedicated all our efforts to innovating the store: both physical and digital

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"Uncertainty and continual change make for the perfect conditions to encourage Retail to discover its own opportunities and seek innovation. That's our job."

Fausto Caprini

Before establishing Retex in 2010, its founders had already gained many years of expertise and experience in system integration, application management and technologies designed to support management, control and development processes in the retail industry.

Over time Retex has welcomed many new people, brought together sector operators and worked with major market players. Each one brought a wealth of know-how, skills and desire for innovation to the table. Essential qualities for a market where omnichannel strategies have revolutionised buying behaviours and forced retailers to come up with evermore inventive ways to defend their market, grow their business, engage customers and ensure their loyalty.

Responding to change comes naturally to us; it’s what we do. Physical and digital stores are evolving so we provide solutions to cope with this, ensuring the vitally important interconnection between the two. Finally, China may still seem out of reach, but we were well versed in guiding businesses along this road to success.

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